Useful RoE Datasheets

(in no particular order)
Character Builder (included in your Rubies installation directory)
Mana step calculator by Lago (included with the manual)
Class %M Comparator by Neonin - shows the difference in skill modifiers between 2 race/class combinations
Class DP Comparator by Cyram. Allows to compare DP cost between your build and all other race/class combinations
Class/Profession reference sheet by Cynebeald
NEW Magic classes comparison sheet by Krael.
Armor strength chart by Mecherath (XLS version)
Magical Armor Stats by Aurelia
Weapon and Armorsmithing material requirements sheet by Snorri
Strength buff chart by Mecherath
Melee weapons list thread on the forums, look for a post by Slothrun
Time Utilities by Lyandriel
Vormis Time by Navarre
Mortons Spoiler Site by Morton
Comprehensive spell list thread by Valdamar (see also a similar thread on bardic by Mecherath)
XoR's bestiary by XoR

Other stuff and sites

RoE Unofficial (another version). An old site, have a look at the old character models there inthe races section
Classic RoE by Doomjakal, images of the original game boxes and content
RoE webarchive this is the place to look for old screenshots, when RoE was still Cancun
Rubies of Eventide Warcry - lot's of useful info, charts and databases by Raletia, a small comminity site with some forums and a quickstart guide
Patch installator by Raletia. You can still install the zoning crash patch manually if you want to...
Rubies image hosting by Falco.
NEWRubies Trading Post by Loquetus. Buy and sell your stuff here

This list was compiled by Cynebeald. Enjoy :-P